Health and Nutrition

Paleo Benefits

health-benefits-paleo-diet-plan-300x187Big names in the Mixed Martial Arts are all about the Paleo diet like Frank Mir or Ronda Rousey, but how big of a change is it? And how do you get there?
The secrets of living paleo are simple, PLAN AHEAD. Its a diet based on fruits, vegetables and proteins that eliminate processed food along the way, which gives a lot of fighters that last push to get to their ideal weight. Its simple and easy to cook (which is a big plus for self cooking fighters) It does take time and planning, as well as grocery shopping, but you will see the results quickly.
There are some cons to this lifestyle, like cutting out whole grains.
However the simple idea of eliminating canned, frozen, and preserved foods eliminates a lot of sodium and processed chemical’s from your diet and your body.
There’s no denying that your diet is 70% of your end result, so making your life a little more paleo will not only be a better lifestyle, you will be healthier and avoid dangerous chemicals in preservatives. It takes time to get used to this life style, to cook and plan ahead, however its a good alternative to rather eating out all the time, this way you know how everything is cooked and how natural it is.


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