Welcome to Entram Gym.




This is my gym, I’ve been working out here for around four or five months now, and I love it here.  I’ve always been used to being around only guys, I graduated from architect school several years ago and that made me be a lot more comfortable around guys than girls. And I felt the same way here; I learned here that you don’t come on your own to the gym and train, you are part of a gym, you are part of a team, and a class.

Here you will be as good as your partners, with every fight, with every drill they take the time to let you know what you’re doing wrong and how you could do it better. And believe me, they know their stuff.



Being a girl in the MMA world is hard enough, good thing I have great guys around me to show me how to become the best. When I first started my jiu jitsu classes I was the only girl in the class, that didn’t make me nervous, these guys where so respectful, polite and well mannered. I felt comfortable, now I share my class with another feminine friendly face.  And it has helped me a lot, I get to wrestle with someone who shares my own weight and strength, even being a little more experienced in jiu jitsu, since she has trained for six more months than me, she takes her time and helps me with my technique.

This isn’t the main reason why I decided to write this post do, there are not so many girls in my gym, and im pretty much guessing there’s not much in other gyms for reference, and sadly I’ve been having more trouble in the girl department. Dont get me wrong some girls are just trouble, and in our girls world there’s always been those girls that make things even harder. Sadly sometimes at 27 I feel like im in highschool again. Since there’s so little women, can’t we help each other out? that would be the logical thing to do, but then again we are women.



Most of the time I get to the gym around 5 P.M. I stretch (which is very important, flexibility is sort of advantage for me, and I’m not 15 anymore so I need to warm up) and I’ll switch it up now and then for the first hour of my training; I do drills, punching bag, or some times I’ll do a nother class.

After that I do my Jiu jitsu class and a half hour of rounds with the guys.



Sadly for now I can’t dedicate myself fully to it, and its ok, I have rent to pay, a job to attend. however it is a life style. I had to change my diet, do a lot more cardio, and started buying equipment for my home gym.

Its hard when your just beginning but its good to know that all that effort is not going unnoticed.

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