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Top 20 Submissions in UFC History

Happy Wednesday guys!!!

The other day I was watching a special about the 20th anniversary of the UFC, and it was awesome, the showed how much the sport grew over those 20 years and how hard was it to become what it is now.

It’s just so inspiring to see how no body wanted to have anything to do with the sport, they didn’t want to televised it, there where no founds; and now there so many sponsors, there always looking for new amazing fighters, and they have all the publicity in the world. most of all they never tought it would be this big, and never tought that women would become a part of it.

Something that they said that was so powerful to me was that they have baseball, and football, even soccer. But the only sport that is world-wide and they know you can see it in Asia, Europe, or any country and people will still love it and understand it is Fighting. So because od their 20th anniversary they made this video of the top 2o submissions in the UFC history, and there’s some pretty good submissions here.

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