Getting ready for UFC 167

TGIF guys!!! Im so exited for this weekend UFC 167!!!

Theres gonna be great fights but my eyes are set on GSP, He’s an amazing athlete all around for me, he is over all one of the many fighters that inspired me to go into MMA, he’s just one of those athletes that no matter what they do, it’s like they were born into it.

So I’m obviously preparing, UFC is a big thing in my house, we always have friends over and munch on snacks and junk food, I will have to stay away from that since I’ve been having stomach problems lately, but I’m making chilli for my guys. I’m known for not being the best cook, but I just have this knack for tailgating food, I make great dips, sauces, chilli, everything that goes with sport watching, jajajjaja… Which is understandable since I’m a big sports person, and I love having friends over to watch fight and the games.

I’ll show you the stats, but I don’t care for them I’m rooting for GSP all the way. Then again Hendricks wants this so bad, that you never know, and that’s what so amazing about these kind of fights, you never know… GSP will grab hold to that tittle like his life depended on it, and Hendricks… wouldn’t you give anything to have that title??? Aw man I think about it, and all it takes as an athlete to get to the point where they are, and have a title shot, think back on all you sacrificed to get there, and the only thing standing between you and that title is that man. Its overwhelming. Unexplainable. You just can’t leave that octagon without it…

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As you can read, more than knock out power, or flashy fights everyone appreciates good sportsmanship, and what can you expect from a guy that responds to interviews regarding his upcoming opponent like this, in a recent article I read, and I quote:

“He has a very dangerous left hand, he’s a great wrestler, he’s very explosive, very strong physically, and he’s a very smart guy too,” said the UFC welterweight champion of his challenger. And that’s intimidating enough, but GSP isn’t finished talking about Hendricks. “He fights smart, he has a great team behind him, and he’s gonna get in great shape and be very well-prepared.”

Okay, is that all? Nope.

“He’s got great determination and a lot of heart,” continues St-Pierre before throwing in his finishing shot. “But I believe I’m better and I’m gonna fight the best fight, and that’s why I’m going to win.”

Theres a lot on the line for GSP, so I’m sure it’s gonna be an amazing fight, here’s some records he would break if he wins the match.


Most time in the Octagon: If the bout lasts even 40 seconds, GSP will pass BJ Penn for the most Octagon time in UFC history. Penn has fought for 5:03:51 to date.

Most wins:
 A win tomorrow would be St-Pierre’s 19th, putting him past Matt Hughes for the top spot.

Most championship wins: The king is currently tied with Anderson Silva with 11 title victories to his name.

A triple threat: St-Pierre and Demetrious Johnson currently share the UFC record for most fights in which they’ve gotten ten or more takedowns — they’ve each done it two times. A takedown-laden performance could put GSP in the lead.

Heavyweight power: GSP and Cain Velasquez share the UFC record for most fights in which they’ve landed 200+ total strikes, as they’ve each pulled this off three times. Another clinic would make it four and give St-Pierre the record.


Most decision victories in UFC history: 11
Most total strikes landed: 2,398
Most significant strikes landed: 1,153
Most takedowns landed: 84
Best takedown accuracy (min. 5 fights and 20 att.): 75.0%
Most total control time: 2:35:57
Best welterweight significant striking defense: 75.1%
Best welterweight takedown defense: 88%

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