Happy Thanksgiving my fellow fighters.

Happy thanksgiving everyone, unfortunately I will be tasting sweet turkey victory until Saturday, since I worked today. However as the year comes to an end and the holidays are upon us, I’m catching my self with a little more reflection on my thoughts and coldplay on my play lists. ( I don’t know why the holiday season makes me want to listen to coldplay a lot more jajajajja it’s winter music I guess)


Anyways I wanted to write about all the things I’m thankful about this year, jujitsu is one of them but I’ll get to that later. As few may know this was my first year as a spouse I could say, this month was my first wedding anniversary. And it’s been an awesome year, I was fortunate enough to marry my Best friend, and I’ve realized how particular our life is (and by this I mean not an ordinary marriage) we get home to play video games together we both practice MMA, however we train separately, and we give each other our space all though we love doing most things together.

I’m thankful for having a wonderful family, and great friends. I’m also grateful that this year my life changed, I fell in love with Jujitsu, I went from regular exercising and jogging to training 3 to 5 days a week. This made my eating habits change, keeping weight and staying in shape became a lot more important in my life. I hadn’t felt this challenged since I was in Architecture school and I love it, I need to feel challenged, to feel that I’m pushing my self, that I’m earning something valuable, only this time it was pushing my body even though I wasn’t a natural athlete.
These couple of years I went from a desk job person all the time at the office, to occasional jogging, then exercising regularly, jogging every day then MMA training. It was a long process, it did take me a couple of years and now I’ve been practicing jujitsu for half a year now and a year of kickboxing and I couldn’t fell in better shape.
This also made me be a lot more conscious about my body, how it felt after training,what I ate. Yoga which I’ve been doing for years now, has helped me a lot in jujitsu, having the flexibility my opponents most of the times don’t have is a great advantage. It also helps me be aware of my stretches before training and knowing how my body is felling before training to be aware of hyperflexion.



I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s been a great year, there’s also been a lot of great fights this year, Im so exited for the rousey-tate fight!!! It was a great season of TUF.

Thank you guys as well for following my blog!!! We still have a lot to learn along the way…

Happy Thanksgiving!


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