Health and Nutrition

Holiday Acceptance.

Aaaaaaah the Holidays… that sweet time during the year when no matter how many drills you do you’ll never be able to lose those couple of pounds that come in magically with the winter, last weekend there was a local tournament of BJJ gi and no gi, several people from my gym entered, unfortunately I didn’t get the day off at work so I wasnt able to compete. It was the worst for a lot of my gym-mates because it was on thanksgiving weekend, so most of them  had to go light on the turkey “and no mashed potatoes please”. To keep weight, I see this time with acceptance eyes jajajjaja… I love the holidays and even if I keep my portions under control I wont be able to say no thanks to an extra slice of ham on Xmas. I rather not over eat as much as I can and continue my trainings, Cant hit the gym? do a couple of drills at home or work on your cardio.

Dont be a party pooper over the holidays not enjoying food or drinks, just don’t take it over the top and you’ll be fine, when your used to keeping weight this time of year can be a nightmare, so say goodbye to the scale until december has ended, acceptance, then move on and train hard. Just dangle between a couple of guidelines and you’ll be ok.

1) Dont over eat!!

2) Keep in mind that alcohol has calories. ( don’t gulp down on the eggnog or various holidays drinks, keep in mind that there all filled with sugar and calories, just enjoy them wisely)

3) Keep rolling. (keep moving during the holidays, exercise, jog, drill. I know the gym is not there 24/7 on this time of year, so if it’s closed, work out from home, or head out to the streets to jog, it’s always nice to get some cold fresh air when there’s a lot of family in the house.

4) Be mindful about snaking. (Dont switch your average carrot stick snack for chips and candy canes, when there’s a lot of family or traveling involved I just know there’s going to be a lot of sandwiches and chips, so keep it light, try to have a lot os salad sides, and veggie snacks for the road to avoid snaking on the wrong things.)

5) Chose a side of veggies. (When having big dinners remember to stock up on the veggies instead of the mashed potatoes and gravy, don’t deprive you’re self, but dont go overboard as well.

It’s all about finding a balance.



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