My Berimbolo nightmare…

hey guys!!!

this has been a great week of training, im not gonna lie to you, it’s very cold down here in TJ and it’s getting harder and harder to go to the gym jajajajaj…. right now im doing monday-wedenesday-friday training sessions, im in between getting a new car so I take a cab home and do a little walking as well, so even if I change clothes after the practice it’s still very cold for your body, but I’m doing what I can  to avoid the flu. and that’s without the fact that in this cold weather everything hurts!!! all of us with previous injuries  have the old grampa syndrome, everything aches… So remember to warm up properly before training, as well as cooling down before leaving the gym.

So there I am, monday with my class buddy and were doing berimbolo exercises, which I’ve done before in the advance class and I don’t know what was going on but I had like four left feet that day!!! I wasnt rolling well, I was loosing my grips… it was a disaster, Berimbolo is not my specialty,  but I never had such problems rolling before… Good thing my class buddy is super patient, he even teaches one of the younger kids class (which I felt like one…) (face palm).

In another note, I’m turning my living room into a gym, I have a small room where I have a mat, but it’s too small to run drills properly, so I’m switching it to the living room during my holiday break, my family obviously thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t have a lot of guests regularly, so the few people who go to my place know we train constantly, plus with these cold days, I always drill at home when I’m not able to hit the gym.

I’ll try to post pictures of the living room transformation, see you later!!!


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