New years resolution list

New years is just behind us my fellow fighters, It’s a magical time when you know that January will be flooded with new white belts and the mat will be crowded and there will be a lot of elbow bumping… however, just remember to take a chill pill, it will blowout in the next couple of months, by mid-year there’s always a few newbies left that move on to be part of the group. You can ask the ones that been there longer than you have, still its nice to see new faces.

I would love to see more girls at my gym, there’s a bunch taking kickboxing clases however I think its like only 5 of us that jiu jitsu… I have a couple of resolutions for next year, I don’t really like calling them resolutions because a lot of people don’t go trough with them, so there more like goals:

1) Defined abs, I know this will be hard, I’ve already changed my diet a lot this year, eating clean, taking better care of myself, but I’m ready to take that step that needed to be done to achieve my goals fully. I’ll be making an appointment with a nutritionist to guide me there as well.

2) By December I was having a lot of small health issues so I missed a lot of gym days, so now that that’s taking care of, I can go back to training 5 days a week, because by the end of next year I will have to be a blue belt!!! jjajajaja… I know it’s a long shot, but I can commit and hopefully It will come sooner than later.

I can only roughly guess that like me, all fighters have their own resolutions, what could they be? I have an idea…

GSP- Get it together, This was a big year for GSP, hopefully he’ll vacation all he needs, because we still have a lot of fights we want him to be a part of.


Ronda Rousey- Tone it down a notch, I’m her biggest fan, I love her, it’s because of amazing fighters like her that so many women have join the sport. However, Ronda does need to take it down a notch… she got a lot of bad press this year with the ultimate fighter, we all know she’s not a sweet cupcake like tate, that drive is what took her to be the champ, but a little nice ronda now and then wouldn’t hurt her image…


Anderson Silva- Stop monkeying around during fights, I cannot stress this enough… It was about time someone knocked him out of his socks, it’s so disrespectful for your opponent if you’re monkeing around, I understand his fun point, hey you can’t knock me out!!! well guess what? lights out Silva, get it together.

And it horrible to see the complications that took to his last fight in december with the broken leg… all of that could have been avoided by actually fighting seriously…


Shayna Bazler- actually get in the UFC, Shayna and I share this on going distant dream that one day we will be signed into the UFC, the only difference is that she already had a shot with the ultimate fighter, but you know, she didn’t win… So hopefully the queen of spades can come up with you know another way to get into the UFC, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against shayna, it’s just that if she would have done an effort in her fight like she did promoting her self as the queen of spades, or carrying a deck of cards everywhere to throw cards in your face and then slowly back away  whispering queen of spades… I’m just saying if she would have put that effort into her fight, she might have won… (BTW guys, sorry but there no Shayna memes)


Chael Sonnen- Please, pleaaaase stop talking in third person… I don’t think further words are needed….



So vacationing time is over guys, and sorry for being off the grid for a while, I had great holidays with my family and friends, I hope your’s where great as well, and its time to return to our mats…

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