Import and Exports

Hey guys!!! Hope your week is going great,

This past week the jiu jitsu gods heard my new years request and sent in another girl to my gym, she’s temporarily there, she’s visiting from Guadalajara, Mexico and she’s a blue belt, which is cool because there’s no blue belts yet in my gym (girl blue belts, there’s plenty of men blue belts) all of our best guys are helping her out, and since she’s only here for a month we want to give her the best experience she can take with her.


I was really eager to roll with her at first, and when I didn’t see it happening I did notice what guys where rolling with her (the best) so there for I assumed the coach wanted her to learn as much as she could from the best after all I’m still a white belt (and one stripe), I didn’t mind since were talking here and there between roll’s and classes, shes nice and we talk much.


This was until friday when I had already done 4 rounds with the guys, she was late for the first class and was taking the second one after that, I wasnt staying that long (some days I do one class Some days 2, depending of my schedule).  I’m a shy person at first, jjajjaja I don’t know I’m scared of talking to new people but I always push my self to do it, and once I do its easy for me to talk to then, so It took me a couple of minutes but I asked her if she wanted to roll and we did.

We rolled for two rounds, and it was awesome!!! it’s so refreshing to roll with someone new, don’t get me wrong I love the guys and my friend Gaby, she’s my class buddy (and the only girl in my class jajjajaaj) But her technique was different, unlike my friend Gaby ( shes a lot smaller framed than I am, as well as lighter than me) the new girl  seemed to be around my same weight which is 135 lbs.


It was great, and fast paced, I didn’t feel like I was under her level that made it interesting, when im wrestling with the guys, that are blue belts, its two or three movements and im in a bad position. they’re advanced blue belts as well so… but with her we moved a lot, did a lot and I learned a couple new things which is awesome. She gave me a couple of tips for when im caught in the bottom, but over all I was happy because you could tell we were both seriously rolling, and I gave it my best, she did caught me in a triangle two times, but I didn’t make it easy for her either.



It’s great that we get new people into our gym, we have been sending several fighter that have starting in a pro level to places like New Mexico, and they have opened new gyms in other states, so some others have been traveling to train people as well. Hopefully I’ll ge the chance to do something like that, train abroad, sounds so exiting. All tough sometimes it sounds complicated with work and all the stuff you can have going on at the time.

it’s always exiting to consider doing this in a foreign country.

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