why women should learn jiu jitsu

This video has been swimming in my mind for a couple of days now, obviously posted by girls who practice jiu jitsu, at my gym where kinda divided, there’s the jits and the kick boxers.

like any highschool the jits (jiu jitsu gils) which are fewer, believe they’re too good for kickboxing ( I enjoy both so I will play no part in this believe), and the kickboxer think jiu jitsu is icky.

Now, talking with my friend Gaby the other day, we where pondering this dilemma, and if a girl was to get mugged down town there’s less chances for her to K.O. that guy out at that moment, its most likely that she will be taken to the ground or pulled around which doesnt give you the opening to show off your awesome round kick.

I love both sides because you need them for MMA, but if you’re doing it for self-defence I think jiu jitsu is more appropriate. I think they just need to be aware that in a situation like that there’s gonna be a lot of proximity, and you need to be ready for that which only jiu jitsu gives you, it gives you confidence in a uncomfortable situation.

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