A crazy monday.

Ok guys, so I’m a medical assistant by day, and a Jits by the afternoon and night 😉 . I was never really a people person  untill I started working with doctors, but yesterday was one of those days as limp bizkit would say…

So after work tired and full of energy at the same time, I went to the gym, and rolled all afternoon… we did some guard passes, chokes, and triangle guards. Our coach wants us in better shape so between exercises and drills he’ll just have us do 25 push ups, or sit ups, or what ever he can come up with. Which is great because I need to work on my push ups LOL.


Over all it was a great training day ( you can tell it was from how sore you are LOL), I rolled for a long while, and its the best felling in the world to just go roll with your buddies after a long hard day at work.

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