Jiu jitsu greedy

Hey guys!!!

So I’ve been doing Jiu jitsu gi and no gi also lately, I’m not that in to no gi, but in an actual life situation I guess it’s best to have the knowledge as well, it’s also more mma friendly than gi. My only objection is my new class buddies, I wont lie I’ve been avoiding them, Tuesday and Thursdays are no gi classes from 5 to 6, and Mon-Wed-Fri are gi days. I regularly take the 5 to 6 class and the 6 to 7 class that’s gi all week.

So here’s the thing, I’m so grateful my class buddies always had a great deal of patience and always helped me with my moves, and drills, and giving me tips on how to do things right, so I feel awful when Im in class trying to help these new girls out (there’s 2 of them, they came in together from another gym who closed recently and left a couple of homeless fighters.

Back to my point, I’m trying to help them with the techniques, do the drills, explain how its better to do things, just as my friends helped me, and they wont let me teach them, their giggling and playing with each other, and don’t want to do the class appropriately, so I get annoyed, I’m not a grumpy jits, I always talk to whom ever Im training with that day, I ask if I’m helping them properly, or if they want me to do something differently, I wanna help them back as well. But these girls where not having it.

So I power trough the class, my sensei telling me to help them since they werent doing anything at times, telling me they didn’t feel comfortable doing that stuff with me… And I was there felling pressured by my coach, I didn’t want him to think I didn’t wanted to help them… The class ends and we are doing 6 minute rounds, I do one with each of them and then they didn’t wanted to do the other 3 more… So I went to do some solo drills…


I felt greedy, like I always received help and I wasnt able to help them… they just wouldn’t have it, they kept playing with their hair, and one in one point of the drill exercises literally told me: wait I’m gonna go kiss my boyfriend and ill be right back… (Face palm..)

I have  a lot of fun, I joke around and laugh with the guys, but I train seriously, I like what I do, and I take it very seriously. It literally takes two to Jiu jitsu, so I think its common courtesy to be respectful of your partners training as well.


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