Fine wine and armbar’s

Hey Guys!!!

Hope your week is going well, the other day I got together with the girls, I don’t have many female friends, (I always get a little nervous around a lot of girls) but these are my friends from back in the university (Architecture school) There not the girly spoiled type, there more of a down to earth empowering group of girls, and those are the ones I love to surround my self with. I very picky when it comes to close friends, or maybe I’m just lucky to know such awesome girls.


So we spent that afternoon catching up and giving away good news, were in the end of our 20’s so some of them are getting married and thinking about kids, needless to say they think I’m crazy for practicing MMA, I was not always  the girliest type, my husband often reminds me that I have the grace of a grizzly bear (LOL), But no matter how un-girlie you are there’s still that icky factor for girls, that men don’t have.

When you’re wrestling guys go all out, all the time, they put their whole body into the fight, just like any other sport. they throw themselves into the game, all 100% all the time!!!

Most girls, and I mean 90% of us, it takes us a while to detach from that I will get dirty feeling. Sometimes im about to do a guard pass or a leap, and for a split second my brain tells me oh man if you don’t make it you’re gonna land on your face… and then I take the leap (sometimes I do land on my face LOL) but even if there’s no fear on the mat anymore, there’s always that little voice telling you what will happen.


And I could see that in my friends, and in their questions, what if you get hurt?, do you get bruises?, Are there any other girls?

I still hear that little voice sometime telling me to clinch my teeth and brace yourself for the fall, but I can’t imagine my  life without training anymore, its like an empowering addiction, it makes you feel strong, free, and real at the same time.

It has helped me grow during this past year, and there’s something about fighting that keeps your feet on the ground.


After talking to them about how MMA changed my life (FYI I’m the one in the white hoodie), not only fitness wise, my diet changed, my perspective in life, my goals changed. Funny thing is that all my life I wanted to have a good career, a good, job, a nice house, all the things you think are gonna make you happy. but they don’t, they make your  parents happy. That’s not a dream.

MMA makes me dream… Have fantasies about being a pro, or at least being able to train full-time!!! maybe train in other country’s, That’s when I knew, this is a dream.


So after a while we started goofing around and they wanted me to show them what I did, so I showed them a couple of moves, and laughed our asses off. I know they would never join in on my mma experience, but its fun to have friends supporting you along the way.


3 thoughts on “Fine wine and armbar’s”

  1. Hi Hannia!

    I have to say I stumbled onto your site and it seems pretty cool. It’s kind of funny and coincidence as I have been through this experience where a girl friend showed me some moves round her place when I asked a bit more myself. And your pictures (arm bar and your friends) inspired me to make an effort and write to you.

    I want to ask the arm bar, and esp on guys, does it really work proper? I had never known that something like that existed or was possible. I am not into bjj or martial arts but, and I know this is not really the best approach, but I was shown and learnt the arm bar move by my friend before after my concerns of being assaulted or raped and being in on my back situation. Pretty much, the thought of wrestling and fighting off a guy would really freak me out to such an extent that I said I wanted to learn, and some moves, anything that may be of help. She taught me the arm bar (her background is judo).

    I can do the arm bar but it relies on a lot of compliance from her as my training partner. But would it really work on say a much bigger, although maybe not significantly, guy? She kindly showed me in steps and allowed for me to gradually learn repeat and repeat, and get to that end point with the arm in placed correctly (thumb facing up) and slowly (or fast as you apply if in a bad situation) arching my pelvis and hips against the elbow. If locked in, I sometimes feel that a stronger guy could still bust out of it? My friend says no way, if technique is good no matter he would tap or risk getting his arm/elbow brokern. My friend has experienced and done this to guys when they do judo (she is brown belt), groundwork making them tap out. She ensures me it really can work and is an awesome feeling to be able to submit a bigger guy. I am and would be not confident if my partner/assailant was a guy and don’t really want to try it, as the thought and the main reason is to be able to protect myself.

    So your article brought back some happy and fun memories and I am happy to make an effort to write to you. Like the heading too 🙂 We did not take any pictures as only the two of us. Any words and advice appreciated, your thoughts etc. I just want to follow up more and be encouraged. I am Chinese too, here in HK and this is not really that popular and well known here in HK. Girls not really into this kind of thing, but I am starting to get intrigued and interested. Especially from following up on the internet and from articles like yours.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! Like your name too, very cool and different, the spelling I have seen it from before the usual “Hanna” (know yours is Hannia!)

    Cheers, Chloe x

    1. Hi Chloe, I’m happy to read that my post brought such happy memories and that it’s helping you get informed in a way, I know mma is not for everyone but it would always be fun to attend a self deffense seminar with some girl friends just to have a basic knowledge on how to defend ourselves as women.
      The armbar is a great basic move, however, the magic of jiujitsu lies in being able not only to control a situation but to control larger oponents, there’s also multiple escapes and moves for every position or situation.
      Thank you so much for such an inspiring comment, this is why I do this, for reader like you. 🙂
      Ps. For that specific situation in which you are confronting an abuser I think there’s a different move that would be more useful, I’m going to dedicate my next post to you, to show this move to you and the girls.

      1. Hi Hannia!

        Thanks a lot! You wrote back and so quickly :). Cheers and much appreciated. Okay, that is cool, no worries but don’t want to go to too much trouble just for me and others. But yeah, am intrigued more now and would love to see what you put and advise on. Anything is good and can be more useful and informative. Look forward to it! – If you do this on this move. And if maybe another day you can do one separately on the arm bar and esp in relation against a guy, I would equally like to see and hear that as well. But no pressure or anything. Okay if you don’t. Whatever you wish. Just the thought of say getting to a perfect technique at the end say, that no matter how strong and aggressive he may be, there is nothing he can do without submitting or getting his arm hyperextended if it warranted (attempted rape etc). I have not inspire you, you and girls like you inspire me.

        Thought I would kindly respond to you swiftly as you had done the same with me 🙂

        C x

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