Life as one of the guys.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Training as one of the guys has its ups and downs, kinda like a  love-hate relationship LOL, personally I’ve never had one but I can only imagine. My friend Gaby hasn’t been training for now, she’s got a lot going on right now, so I’ve returned to being the only girl at my Gi class.

Most guys are training for tournaments right now, so practice does get pretty heated up, lately I’ve been training with Quiros which is a very good white belt, with just one promotion away from a blue belt he’s one of the best in my class. and since he’s training for an upcoming competition in march, I’m being pushed around into perfection.

I never really felt like I’m being treated like a girl, I roll with any of the guys and do the same drills,and the same number of push ups. But I’m not gonna lie to you, yesterday felt like a boot camp, so we’re doing armbar drills and triangle guard drills, as smooth and fast as possible, and there’s a point where my abs where on fire while im doing it and I couldn’t do one more!!! and my class partner obviously was trying to pump me up for me to keep going, and pointing out my flaws as well.

so there was a lot of, lower your head!!! Pinch your knees when you do it!!! you’re slowing down!!! LOL.

– I’m tired…

-Dont nag, Keep going!!!

-I cant its your turn…


Dont get me wrong, If you wanna be the best you need to train with the best. That’s the key. No way around it. That’s the reason I joined Entram, because I knew it was the best gym.

But man… was I tried… I’m glad he was pushing me so much, cause I’m there to train, and he always gives me great advice and tips to better my technique. After the training I was beat, and still we did like 30 minutes of rolling, untill I couldn’t move… LOL

Once your finished your training and you’re sitting on the map contemplating the fact that you have to get up go home and shower… and 15 minutes go by and you’re still not moving, that’s when you know you had a good workout.


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