Careful what you wish for…

Hey guys!!!

Las week life got in the way of most of my training, work now and then get’s a little chaotic (in special occasions, border line mental), besides the cooking and everything that goes into keeping us on a diet. FYI Hubby will be fighting next month so making weight is very important at our house (we take pride in that LOL). So is up to  me to do some cooking and prepare lunch for the whole day in advance, since we both work and train.

This week my jiu-jitsu ancestors had something up their sleeves for me, I was missing my rolling partner Gaby, so I could only hope that eventually they’d be another girl. So this Monday to my surprise a local pro called Iris started training at the same schedule than me, she used to train in the morning but had to switch schedules because of school and stuff.

Theres a great difference between training with someone who does it for fun or just to do a couple of tournaments a year, to doing it with a pro. They train harder, a lot harder, and they nill never let you stop, so if your felling winded or need a rest, this is not the partner for you. You know my philosophy, if you wanna be the best you have to train with the best. And she is one of the best.

Her movements are more precise, sharp, fearless, at some points I noticed It’s not like training with a guy, they never forget you’re a girl, so they wont roll at 100%, but when I was rolling with her, she didn’t see me as a girl, she saw me as a fighter, and it was amazing. Sometimes when rolling with girls, (non-pro girls) it’s the same situation, sometimes they baby you too much. Rolling with her you’re no longer a girl, you’re an equal, so I’m not gonna lie to you there was a lot of hard rolling, accidental face kicking and boob punching (LOL), but even then I wanted to give it my best, and even tough I felt like her Rag toy at some points, I learned so much.

Shes so nice, She gave me tips on how to escape positions, and she never let me quit, I felt winded, and she encouraged me all the time, next week I’ll be working on my endurance with a personal trainer, another pro there at the gym. which will help me a lot, I’m also trying to jog in the weekends to improve my cardio. Take it to the next level. The after workout time was brutal, everything hurt, like my body was gonna collapse, I’ve never been so tired in my life!!! I also hurt my neck in a bad intent to roll, I wasnt able to roll on my shoulder ans fell on my neck while wrestling. Good thing is I work with a doctor so a couple of anti-inflamatory pills and light pain medication allowed me to go back to working out on Tuesday.

After we did our rounds I asked her how did she feel rolling with me, and what could I improve, and to my surprise my coach told me the same thing on Tuesday, so I notice a pattern here… (LOL)

She told me my technique was good and I passed guard a lot, and seem to know what I was doing, but she noticed my insecurity when wrestling, She told me I was strong as well, but I need not only to be a little more fearless but to have a lot more security In what I do. I was so happy she did had something constructive to say about my rolling, and I cant wait to see her in the afternoon schedule again.

She’s helping me improve a lot.

(Here’s a picture of her from the gyms website.)


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