Product Review

MiO Review

Hey guys!!!

I wanted to tell you about a new product I’ve been loving, some friends on the mat have been asking about it MIO Fit, it’s this magical concentrated fluid that you squeeze into your water bottle and it boost’s it up with electrolytes and vitamins to keep you going during your workout.

I’m a natural water believer all the way, even when I eat, I normally don’t have flavored drinks or juices with my meals, even less when training, but this magic fluid is awesome.


I tried the regular flavors and I liked them, but the other day when training I remembered I had in my backpack the Arctic grape Mio Fit, and tried it while training. It made such a difference, I felt more hydrated, and with a little extra boost, and the flavor didn’t overpower the water, nor it was too sweet. It was very refreshing,


This is not a sponsored review, a lot of my mat buddies asked what was in my water since it was light purple instead of the regular clear water, so I passed it around and they where  so intrigued, so I decided to talk about it.

I had very good results with it, It made me feel with a little more energy than drinking just plain water, the flavors are great, since I normally give it only one or two squeezes (on a large water bottle)it lasts pretty long, the flavor is intense so give it one squeeze and work your way after that. The price is pretty reasonable as well it goes for 2 to 3 dollars, and you can find it at any 7/11 or small market.

I saw online that they had some bad rap because they have energy drinks as well and its so easy to just over squeeze into your water bottle, and its also not recommended for kids, but If your just a regular athlete in training like me I suggest you try it. Give the label a read, in case of allergies and read the suggested amount and you’re set.


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