To roll or not to roll…

Good morning My fellow Fighters!!!

Last Friday I had a valentines accident, the power went out in a big part of the city due to some guy trying to jump of into the power plant, (this doesn’t happen that often don’t worry)so long story short, y fell in the stairs and sprained my ankle very badly, I walk funny all weekend long and it’s still bruised a little but not that bad anymore.

Yesterday was my first day back to training since friday so it was good that we had a lazy layback class. Everybody rolled a little slower, there was more technique practicing than hard rolling, taking our time on what we where gonna do next, I love those classes, we where even cracking jokes now and then.

It was great that we all took it slow since I didn’t want to push my luck with my ankle, we also learned incredible usefull facts about escaping from leg triangles and how to properly close them and great tips to make then a little nicer looking. I desperately needed these tips since I always have trouble with my triangles, I can’t close them properly and I do normally pay good attention to my opponent so I regularly I have good luck being quick and escaping triangles or armbars. But once your locked, I didn’t know what to do, fortunately yesterday was one of those eye-opening aleluya kind of classes, the ones that gives you the answers to all your rolling questions (LOL).

Once technique rolling ended we did a little station rolling, let me break it down to you, higher belts (for or five guys, mostly blue belts) sit on the mat, the rest we form a line and partner up with the ones stationed in the mat, the first one on making points wins and the losing party returns to the end of the line, until its his/her turn to try again. So as I was saying, when we where station rolling a guy from my class was asking me while we where waiting in line, do you think its fair that guys use all their strength when rolling with you? has it happened? has someone hurt you?

Hmmm… tough question… well… Here’s the thing…

Most guys wont use all their strength, than again jiujitsu inst about using all your strength anyways, but most guys are conscious on where to put their hands and how hard to roll. I know a lot of girls aren’t there to be treated like a lady, we rather be one of the guys, but it makes everybody more comfortable for them to be a little conscious, for me that has never been a problem, the guys at my gym are the best, they always make me feel like one of the guys, and I haven’t had any cured moments nor they ever been inappropriate with me.

the only times I had any problem has been with girls, ironic right?, some of the pro’s obviously roll to hard against beginners, I also had a case where a rude girl that after tapping she would take her sweet time to let me go…

Maybe its just myself, but personally I rather be one of the guys…

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