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Judo is like a dance…

Hey guys!!!

Lately I’ve been a little off, I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, and I know it’s affecting my game. I’ve been trying to open a small business, work has gotten busier since its high season, and a lot of other stuff I’ll talk about in time. So in the mat all tough all my troubles disappear I’ve been trying harder to focus and it’s showing.

Yesterday was one of those days when adults and kids mix in the mat, our trainer was out and we all rolled together, I love days like those, I made drills with a 9-year-old girl, I’m not much of a kid person but she was awesome. She made a great effort in doing things right, and when I gave her tips she was grateful and even tough there was a big size difference she still wanted to roll after the technique was done. So we rolled and I was so surprised!!! she went for the chokes and all, a couple of times I told her when I wold see an arm bar opportunity as well, but she was brilliant.

I rolled with a couple other guys as well taking my time to think stuff trough, trying to roll in a more relaxed and focused way, and after that most of us stayed for the advance class, I regularly take both of the classes so we went down stairs and  did rolling stations for an hour instead of technique, It was fun and relaxing, we where all having a great time. Once we were done we started talking and just being lazy, then Quiros asked me to help him do drills.


I helped him with his arm bar drills, and then he asked what I would like to work on so I thought about my take downs, he help me with my Deashi Harai, he told me something so true but that most times I forget, I need to polish my technique, there’s a lot of fighters a lot stronger than I am, being the only girl most of the times, so technique is my only advantage, He’s a small framed guy as well so he relies on his technique a lot as well.

He broke the move down for me, grips and wrists first, how its done, then where to look and how to turn, my main problem was my foot sweep, I kept kicking him for some reason (LOL) It had to be more controlled and more of a one same movement thing rather than my upper body pulling an my foot kicking him. When ever I can I really appreciate doing drills with him, he’s super patient and he could see I was loosing it at times, so he would have me stop, breathe and focus… Now you can try again.

Judo is like a dance, everything needs to be within a rhythm, it must flow… you need to work on your foot work… ( If he only knew that I have two left feet for dancing LOL)

With everything I’ve got going on my mind all the time, It’s great to just zone out and roll. I honestly don’t know what I would do without jiu-jitsu, Its keeping my sanity together (LOL). Non practice-rs (that sounded a little dramatic but I’ll stick to it to make my point. Non practice-rs wouldn’t believe it, they wouldn’t understand it, but anyone in MMA would know, once you live the MMA life, there’s no going back, even if it’s just a hobby, it gives you this guilt about why can’t I do this all the time, and that’s when it changes you.

There’s something very honest in fighting, It keeps you grounded, it helps you find yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses. Over all know that you have no limits, you’re made of bones and muscle, not glass, a punch wont shatter you. I’ve been doing only jiu jitsu for a while, but I think its time to go back to kickboxing as well and muay thai, I’m gonna try to do a little of everything, see how that works out.

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