Glory fight 2

Hey guys!!!

I’m happy to say that this weekend there was a tournament where my hubby participated (in kickboxing division), He won (Yei!!!), I’ts hist first win, His stats now are 1-1. The last couple of days before the fight where very stressful,  he had to cut more weight than usual, but it was necessary, we take pride in making weight, so you know the drill, no carbs, only veggies and protein, a few sips of water now and then the last 2 days, training to lose some water weight. It was crazy. But a good experience for him, next time he’ll be checking his weight every week and trying to cut height a month in advance.

It wasn’t a spectacular fight, there was no KO ( he won by split decision)but he dominated all the rounds,  his cardio was great as well, and he work well with his kicks, that’s how he won the fight, not much boxing but with great kicks, the other fighter didn’t do much really, he covered himself, played it safe, but didn’t trow that much punches or kicks, so on the good note my husband didn’t have one bruise, just a sore neck due to the stress of the pre fight LOL.


There where several other fights, pro’s and amateurs, I’m proud to also say that several guys from my gym fought that day, and most of them won!!! There was a lot of people from different gyms, TJ gym’s, San Diego, Even Los Cabos. So its safe to say all fights where amazing, we’ve attended two tournaments now, in which hubby has fought, and I noticed a pattern, not to brag but, my gym always carries the best fighters, we learn to train hard, and we push ourselves between fighters to get what we want, and we all want the same thing, a gold belt around our waist.


I also love that when ever there’s a tournament, there is always a lot of unity between the fighters in my gym, we always try to help each other train and do drills, we also take extra care while rolling, I’ll always be grateful for my mat-colleagues, it’s because of them that I know what I know, no matter where life might take me ENTRAM will always be my home gym. Tats where I started training, where I’ve met great people and made great friends.


20140301_183027                                                                                                                                                (Hubby and me Above)


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