Mr. Love

Hey guys!!!

So I guess it’s time for me to tell you where my MMA life is heading for now, for the last couple of months I’ve been arranging passports, searching flight tickets, and planing a trip to Thailand with my husband, we will be traveling the country as well as training, we would like to work on our muay thai while where there, being the control freak that I am, I’ve been doing so much research and reading books as well. One book that’s really helped me plan this as a traveler and as a fighter  has been 12 weeks in Thailand by Johnny FD.  (Available on book has literally helped me calm my nerves since once I started reading it, I noticed my plans weren’t as crazy as I thought.

We will be going for two months or so, so for us that means, leaving our jobs behind, moving out of the rented house we live in, saving boxes of stuff at our parents, and selling the junk that we wont need when we come back. Literaly starting over again. from scratch, coming back to find new jobs and a new apartment. which doesn’t bother us, since we would give it all up for Thailand.

Well because of that, I’ve been doing some kickboxing again, I need to get in better shape for Thailand, so I’ve been taking Special PE classes (LOL). Since I’ve been focusing exclusively on  BJJ Gi  for the passed 9 months, my muay thai and kickboxing are a little rusty. There’s this Fighter called Manuel Amor (Amor means Love in Spanish, that’s his actual last name) hes a pro-fighter, and a great teacher, so twice a week I have to almost drag my tired body out of the mat because his training is intense.

Here’s something I love about entram, there’s a lot of fighter diversity, Manuel used to run triathlons, he was a runner all his life, until he converted to the MMA religion, now he’s one of the guys that have the best cardio in the gym, which can save you in a fight, (cardio, that’s his super power, in the octagon cardio will help you power trough the punches and last longer), there’s another guy called Mike he used to do gymnastics (until he converted to MMA) needless to say hes crazy agile and flexible. Yoga is my super power, my elbows and knees hiperflex a lot beyond the average joe, so when I’m stuck in an armbar, that extra flex gives me enough time to escape and regain position. That’s why stretching is so important to me, I literally take my sweet time doing it, I also help’s me focus before starting to train, zone everything out and focus on my body, how it stretches, see if anything aches, and then I can start training.

Getting back to the subject, my training’s with Manuel have been rough, I’ve seriously never sweat like that before, and while I’m suffering in a Jab-Jab-Hook way I only see my BJJ buddies happily roll on the mat…

I guess its just something that will have to happen, if I wanna go to Thailand I have to work for it…


(In the picture above Manuel Amor on the left, and Hubbie on the right)

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