Leaving it all behind

Hey guys!!

I’m happy to say that with my Thai passports in hand I’m able to keep planning my trip to Thailand. All tough as exiting as it sounds, these months have kept me on edge, there’s a lot of stress that goes into planning a trip like this, I guess if it was easy everyone would just spend their lives traveling care free.

Like everything else, it all started with an idea, the idea to go to Canada to train for a couple of months, I started doing my research, and crunched some numbers, and it was a little out of my budget, so I pondered a couple of plan B’s, like spending two months in Brazil to work on my jiu jitsu, but costs have gone up since the soccer world cup will take place there… Somehow I reviewed my possibilities in Thailand, and learn Muaythai, I’ve focused a lot on my jiujitsu for the last months so I’ve kinda forgotten about my kick boxing and muay thai.


I’m not, rich nor I have a lot of money just sitting around and I’m just looking what to do with it… I’m a regular girl, in an average job, that would love to just focus on mma for a while, paying rent, and having a little saved wont take me where I wanna go, I wanna travel, and finally go to china, Japan, Thailand, all of those exotic countries you can only see in movies. I’ve always had this obsession with visiting Asia. And I’m not making it happen with this lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I live well, I rent a nice house in a nice area, go out with friends every week or so, but I would give it all away for Thailand.

And it doesn’t stop there, we will have to leave our jobs, sell most of our stuff, and literally leave it all behind to go learn muay Thai in Thailand for 3 months, the most frightening thing to lose is your stability, I don’t have my dream job, but it pays the bills and my gym, so I’m still very grateful to have it.


You also have to deal with the approval fact, what’s been more difficult to me, telling your parents is always a hassle, they obviously want what’s best for you and you’ll never stop being their kid, but dealing with them approving or not approving is stressful… When I first told my mom I was going to Thailand she flipped, she told me to not travel that far, that I was crazy, If I wanted to travel I could do it inside of Mexico, and I quote “just go to Cancun if you wanna travel”.

I have no problem visiting Cancun, hell it’s probably ten times cheaper, but that’s not my dream. Don’t be miss leaded by the mushy gushy, this is my life’s dream stuff, accomplishing your dreams is hard, and a lot get lost in the way, this is just my ride there, all my life I’ve been looking for a good school, good job, did everything right, but now sharing dreams with my husband and thinking about them, we realize it’s a lot easier to make it when your 2 rather than when your on your own.


And everything clicked, the prices where great, the plane tickets weren’t that crazy, everything started taking shape. And its an amazing thing for me to be able to share this with you guys, cause you never know, one day you might do something like this as well, Thailand being Muay Thai capital of the world.

Other than a MMA experience, I’m also aiming for a spiritual life changing experience.


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