Getting Tournament ready…

Hey Guys!!

So lately I’ve been going a little crazy, everything is falling into place for our trip to Thailand and I’m so happy with that, but there’s a lot that goes into planing a trip like this. Selling furniture, moving some other furniture to my mother in law’s place, packing clothes, and getting rid of the non essentials.

There’s a small local tournament coming up at the end of the month and I’ve been dueling whether to enter or not, with everything that’s going on I don’t really feel like I’m in my best shape ever, I also need to consider the fact that I will need to cut some weight. I regularly keep my height at 135, but recently I’ve been between 139 and 140. And I believe I have to weight 141 with the Gi on…

I am also struggling with my routines, twice a week I’ve been training with Manuel (Mr. Love, as mentioned on a previous post) which has also integrated some jiu jitsu drill’s into my routine aside from kickboxing, to get me in better tournament shape. He’s been great I told him my flaws, how I struggle with my triangle guards and some elbow escapes, and right away he made me do some drill’s and showed me step by step how to do them properly and pointed out where my flaws where.

Personally I think that’s awesome since the more details I can work on, the better my technique will get. I’ve also continued with my regular BJJ Gi classes as well alternating the days between them (that’s why I’m going crazy) I’ve been so tired lately, so I’m drinking coffee again in the mornings (for years I literally NEEDED coffee in the mornings… since I take it with cream and artificial sweetener, I decided to detox and go with tea or natural lemon and honey for some time now but, I’m so tired that, tea isn’t cutting it anymore!!! LOL).

All of this is totally worth it since I get the chance to do it for an awesome reward, I’ll have a million hours to sleep on my flight to Thailand…



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