Gym Braids


Hey girls!!!

I was a little exited about this post, since I had a couple of emails from women fighters asking how I rock my hair to the gym. I hate that hair gets in the way when you fight, so I always rock the side braid or a high bun.

I’m not gonna lie to you I sweat… a lot!!! so my hair ends up so wet that after training I always redo my braid or bun. Here you’ll find some inspiration pics just to mix things up.  I hate it when newbies (girls) want to wrestle with their hair down… I learned with time than even a pony tail gets in the way, one time I was trying to escape an armbar and my pony tail got caught under my opponent (LOL) I had to tap, I literally couldn’t get my hair out of there…


After that I never did pony tails again… always braids, buns, or braids with buns (LOL). But now and then its good to mix it up… As far as braids go, I can only do side braids, and  two french braids like the ones in the picture above, I haven’t been able to do the one that goes down the middle.

But since I’ll be competing this weekend Hopefully I’ll be able to switch it up, and rock something awesome for my first tournament!!!

Wish me luck girls!!! and happy training!!!

396x529 07115757_1076 fishtail-braided-hairstyle-for-the-gym great_braid nastialiukin

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