How much do you want it?

Hey guys!!!

So this week I´ve been packing my stuff up for Thailand, moving it to our parents houses for storage, getting rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need or use anymore, and its been a long way here.
This week I spoke to my boss about leaving town for two months or so and I’m happy to say I’m receiving a lot of support there and that my job may be waiting for me when I come home (awesome).

Seems to me now that I take a step back I realize what gets you where you want to be, and all the drama that involves making your dreams come true, let me explain, since I took the decision to go train to Thailand even if it’s just two months, I´ve had to deal with my family drama (them thinking I’m off to the middle of the jungle to wrestle tigers or something like that), moving out of our current home, having to get rid of useless stuff, years of clothe I don’t use anymore and accepting I´ll never use them again, still training 4 to 5 days a week, lasts week´s tournament and preparing for it as well, work, and more family drama about the stuff I´m getting rid of.

I´m pretty sure there´s more, but for now that´s all I can think of since im in the middle of my moving day (LOL). Theres a lot of decisions to make, a lot of drama to handle, nerves, insecurities, not knowing what would happen and what waits for you ahead, but if you never take that risk you’ll never know what could happen.

IMG_20140407_111958(Hubby in the picture above, who’s helping me with everything)

I´m guessing you hear this a lot in the MMA world, but it’s just how it is, it’s all about how much you want it?

Now that i´m in the middle of this adventure I start to realize the fighters around me, and what they sacrificed to be on top and to be able to do what they do.

Theres a lot of pros in my gym in their twenties living in the gym dorms, living with their parents, living with their girlfriends, which is the only way they can dedicate themselves totally to the sport. We all know paying rent and bills requires you having a job so how do they do it?

They have people who support them, it’s not always a happy road, sometimes you have issues with your parents or fight with your girlfriend. life happens and it happens around these people. So I know now you´re asking your self well I could go live with my parents and become a pro fighter… If it was only that easy…

IMG_20140407_112048(Old house above, ignore the mess please…)

These are very lucky few guys that give it all for the sport, if you could literally go thought their stuff once their parents or girls kicks them out for not having the money to help with the bill´s you´ll only see rashguards, shin pads and one mouth guard. So do they want it?

YES!!! they are there in the gym in the morning classes and evening classes, they literally have no home of their own, they sacrifice what they eat, what they do, friends, family that doesn’t understand why they are doing it, inpatient girlfriends that don’t get flowers unless they win a fight. Of course they deserve it, and that’s why not everybody succeeds in the game, because not everybody wants to risk it all.

I admire these guys, and its only now that im changing a lot in my life for one chance, that I can see what it truly takes, BALL´S.



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