Judo Friday.


I love judo, there’s only few times when our sensei shows us awesome judo moves, and I was longing for it since the last time he did.

I would love to take judo as well, not only I feel it would improve my jiu jitsu, but just for the fun of the throw downs. Ronda Rousey’s throw downs is what got me into jiu jitsu, I love it, the first time I saw her fight I was focusing a lot more on my kickboxing, and I made the switch to jiu jitsu Gi, and fell in love. I really wouldn’t have the time to do judo as well, but last Friday was judo Friday.

We spent the class doing throw downs and working our way from our feet to the floor, but for my misfortune, it was that time of the month… Yes, and it was horrible… what could have been the most awesome training I had all month was ruined, by cramps, bloating and more cramps for being thrown all over the mat.

I’m mot gonna lie to you there are days during that time when I just don’t feel up for training and I wonder how do the pro’s do it?

I read an article the other day that cyborg (Cristiane Justino) once failed to make-weight because she was on her period… I’m not here to judge but, we can try a little harder, I’m guessing when you’re a pro you do get months notice before a fight so making weight becomes part of the training, all though we all girls know that during that time, there’s swelling and fluid retention.

I guess I see where she’s coming from, with age (and I say it because I’m 27 now) you feel your body changing constantly, specially with fighter’s who are so conscious about their body’s, how they react, how they feel; you are just so connected body and mind. that you notice when suddenly menstrual cramps are stronger or last longer. With all the strong physical activities that go within a fighters workout training… being sharp all the time during your period  seems really hard.

And I’ve experienced it myself, you start out fine, you suddenly don’t feel at 100%, you get sloppy and sluggish with your moves, then it turns to hell when trying to escape a full mount, I’ve felt light-headed in several occasions when training while PMS-ing. But you can’t always push trough it, so I’m stuck in a mayor dilemma here.

I truly think it’s all just in our heads, if you don’t feel at 100% or even 70 %… don’t stress it, take a well deserved day off, just don’t take it as an excuse to miss training for one week every month because you will lose face. (LOL) You’re not gonna be judged by all your class mates like you imagine you would, sometimes they don’t even mind.

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