Packing for Thailand, MMA Style!!!

It’s just crazy how the planing time passed so quickly, now here I am and I’m traveling  to Thailand!!! I’m really trying to pack lightly, since I know there’s a lot of good shopping in Thailand, and since I read so much on the internet, many bloggers say muay thai equipment is cheap in Bangkok, so I’m planing on getting new equipment there. The prices are lower and the quality is better; I don’t have all the equipment back home, I was missing shin guards and traditional muay thai  shorts, but as a girl you know I’m gonna load up in Bangkok.

It’s so hard to travel with the basics!!! but I think Here’s all you need.



2 Dresses, 2 Lycra Shorts (for training), 2 casual shorts (for day wear), and 3 jogging shorts ( I plan on doing a lot of jogging and hiking in Chiang mai due to its awesome sights and hills).

4 T-shirts, 3 training tanks, 2 cute day wear blouses, 2 light hoodies.

1 pair of jeans (the ones you travel in, I get pretty cold in planes).

1 set of PJ’s.

2 Bra’s, 4 pair’s of socks and 5 to 7 pairs of underwear (due to laundry purposes, and remember to slip one pair of clean undies and an extra t-shirt in your carry on in case your luggage doesn’t arrive with you right away).

2 hats, a butt load of hair ties (in bold colors to match my outfits of course).

1 Pair of Nike running shoes and 1 pair of flip-flops.


Travel size shampoo bottles, conditioner, hair styling oil, hair comb, soap bar, tooth paste and brush, sunblock, body lotion, perfume, facial day cream (to keep my self fabulous), make up and make up remover wipes, razors, LOTS OF DEODORANT, tampons or pads.

Carry-on must:

Ear plugs my dear fighters!!! I seriously can’t stress this enough (you don’t wanna spend the flight next to a crying baby!!), eye mask, neck pillow (you’ll thank me later), laptop or tablet, smart phone and in my case 3Ds (or any hand-held game will do).

It’s important to take your documents with you at all times, wallet and traveling money as well, and any other valuables with you on the plane. With international or long flights a small tooth past and brush will do and minimize the toiletries to avoid baggage complications. Once you pass security you can purchase a small water bottle.

Training Equipment:

You can easily travel with your training gloves, and basic gear but since I’m making a pit stop at a local muay thai gear store I rather just buy the gear in Bangkok, the prices are cheap and the quality is good. So I would personally advice you to just bring the basics if needed and buy awesome new gear there. The only thing I am bringing is my own jumping rope, it’s the only item I couldn’t replace, I’m just too picky with jumping ropes (LOL).


The flight is long and hard, to us the flights (there where so many…)

The first flight we took was from San Diego to L.A. and we didn’t almost made it, the flight previous to that one got cancelled so they had to move most of the people to the next flight, If we missed that flight we would have lost all the conecting flights and would have to travel another day… It was hell waiting to know if we would board the plane, just at the las second they called our names, we where the last two people to board the plane.

Once we boarded that plane, madness started, we ran from plane to plane, L.A., Japan and finally Bangkok. The hours you spend on the plane are crazy, L.A. to Narita international airport took us 11 hours, 11 hours!! on a plane!!! thankfully in business class, which ment good meals and ice cream!!! By far the happiest I am is with the people in Narita airport, There so nice!!! they made our connecting flights a delight and I just wish next time I can spend more time in japan.


Our last flight to Bangkok was in coach which wasnt that bad either we got seats with plenty of space and a sleepy time kit (LOL) , we flew Delta since I have a family member that works there, and hopefully we’ll be able to do some more traveling with them.

All tought I may be missing a lot of info about the flights all I can say is,pack whisely, have all your documents in hand and prepared, it took us two days to get to Bangkok, so sit down and try to get a lot of sleep, you’ll need it once you get there.


3 thoughts on “Packing for Thailand, MMA Style!!!”

  1. Have a wonderful time! I enjoyed my brief visit there on my way to Vietnam.
    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

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