Bangkok, the surreal dream.

Bangkok to my was all a surreal dream, after so much hard work and planing I couldn’t wrap it around my mind that I was finally here, the streets, the food, it was all surreal.

My stay in Bangkok was short, I arrived around 11 at night and wondered in the airport for a couple of hours untill we decided to go to the hotel, we stayed two nights at convenient resort, which as the name states, its only convenient; its close to the airport, cheap, clean, and nice looking not beautiful but just ok. The only problem we had was the address, two taxis had trouble with the address, apparently it may be confused with another near by street, which ment that in two in the morning for the first time in a foreign city you will be taken to a small ugly street by an unknown driver and will be terrified for a couple of minutes untill you are taken to he actual address.


The airport is far from the city itself, it took us 400 bath and 20 minutes to arrive to the center of town,where we where taken to a boat ride that will change your view of the big city. initially we didn’t intend to take the boat ride, it was suggested by our cab driver and after discussing the price with the locals we jumped in the boat, it’s not only a good photo opportunity, but this boat took us into some alley street canals, where old homes near the river sat there, abandoned in time.

Bangkok is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to, the people are warm, the food is delicious, and the line between the old world and technology collide. you see tuk-tuk drivers pull out their tablets to find your hotel.


We spend only one complete day in Bangkok before we had to travel to Chiang mai, we spend it wandering the streets with a map in hand like tourists, I don’t think we would have been able to hide it any way; We stumbled into some beautiful temples and strolled within china town and its multiple food stalls and electronic accessories. The very next day we would take the sky train, metro and finally the railway train to Chiang mai. But that is another story for another day.

All I can say my fellow fighters is that if you ever get to stop on Bangkok before leaving for your training destination in Thailand which is normally Phuket or Chiang mai, take the time to walk the streets of Bangkok, you wont regret it, even if you’re triying to take it slow, Bangkok is a crazy city.



In one day we walked around, meet locals, had a lift to an information office in a scooter ( yes, three people, one scooter…), were sent to a restaurant to the other side of town in a tuk-tuk by another local and the list goes on. I truly enjoyed my stay in Bangkok and look forward on walking its streets on my way back home.


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