Action Zone, Bangkok

You do your research, read online, search the blogs, but once you’re there… It’s priceless…

Action zone is one of those places to me, as simple as it may sound. When I decided to fly to Thailand to train Muay Thai, I decided I needed new gear, and I read a lot, A LOT. Many bloggers talked about action zone and their great prices, I can only say yes guys, if you’re planing on buying equipment in Thailand this is the place to go.


We where leaving for Chiang Mai that day and I read that they were located relatively close to the train station, so we visited them that same day. We purchased our train tickets around noon and took a tuk-tuk to action zone.

It’s just about 10 minutes from the train station, once you arrive they greet you with iced water bottles and a smile, we wanted to stock up so we basically didn’t even bring hand wraps, we wanted to take advantage of its cheap prices and buy brand names at low prices.

DSCF9112 DSCF9110

They manage the big names like Twins and Fairtex, but also local brand names. we found everything there, hand wraps, gloves, shin pads, and I was amazed on the large color selection they have, it’s ridiculous, gloves in every imaginable color, some with awesome designs, and you can match your shorts, even your ankle guards.

DSCF9116 DSCF9115

I have a big problem back home most of the time when selecting gear, the colors are so basic and there isn’t much variety, as a girl I always want cute colors, like pink, purple or light blue. It sounds stupid but for me its important!!! what can I say? Cute gear motivates me.

It was awesome to find exactly what I wanted and in all the colors I wanted, and the prices as are amazing as they all said.

So if you’re stopping in Bangkok on your way to train, don’t bring your stinky old gear, just bring around 200 usd and you’ll buy all you need here.

DSCF9243 DSCF9245

30 thoughts on “Action Zone, Bangkok”

      1. Hello, Are they all originals ?. They seems like not.Also could you please give me the prize of one pair of gloves with its brand name to compare if you remember.Thanks:)

      2. Yes they’re legit!!! They where around 40 usd or so, I’m guessing half the price we would pay in the us. They have a lot of different designs, they are able to be thst cheap because they are made in Thailand and they obviously avoid shipping costs to.

  1. . 40 usd for Twins leather gloves!! That’s an excelent price. I want to buy 8 oz and 14 oz. Do you remember if they had variety of sizes? Thx

    1. Yes!! They have a lot of sizes and the color and design variety is amazing!!! There’s so many design’s that you wouldn’t find in the us. Just try them on in the store, because shin pads and other equipment are smaller sizes than in the us. But they let you try them on and carry a lot of large sizes as well.

  2. Thanks for this info! Really appreciate it. I’m heading out to Bkk for a mates stag party but cant pass up an oppurtunity to buy some gear while im there! Do you know if its possible to do just a drop in session for a couple of hours for 1 day over there? I feel like it would be a waste if I didnt at least get a taste of training over there.

    Cheers from Australia!

    1. Hi Omar, I’m glad this info was usefull for you, there’s several gym’s in Bangkok, I only trained at KC Muay Thai in Chiang mai, but most gyms let you train per day, week, or even month.
      They’re training is serious over there!! at KC we used to warm up with a 4km run, and after that the two non-stop hours class.
      Hope you have a great time, its a beautiful country.

  3. Hi guys,

    Cannot anyone help me locate the website if there is any? Been there before but i’ve totally forgotten the website they gave to refer to for the equipments catalog..
    Appreciate it!

    1. Hi Cecilia! I dont realy think they have a website, a year a go when I visisted them they didnt have one, and I got there trough references and other blogposts as well, but its truly a hidden gem. Totaly worth it to visit them, they are close to the old railway station where the metro line also ends. its a couple of blocks from there, I took a Tuk-tuk from there. The metro is pretty cheap and its easy to move around in it, saves you some serious cash.

    1. I’m not sure, its more of a “Here’s what we have, make your pic” kind of store jajajaja but they are great with their customers, helpful, polite and even offer you water on hot days. Good luck!

    1. I know they have one because when I did my research to go somehow I got one off the internet, but never really used it and don’t really have it anymore, sorry, I tried looking for it but didn’t find it.

    1. Hi Sorry for the late response, they do have top gear like twins, fairtex and others, but I don’t really know the price, in average they are almost half what you would pay in the US.

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