Chicks in the mat


Literally!!! So cute…
So it’s my second week training now and it doesn’t seem to get any easyer. My computer broke down so it’s crazy hard to whrite from my phone, but none of this is holding me back.
I’ve been so happy at KC Gym, they realy go out of their way to make you feel at home. Even after training we all hangout there for a while and Gi, the owners wife who works there cooks for the fighters, her food is delicious and traditional, rice with chicken and fried egg, thai noodles and what I love the most is that it’s all natural.



You see next to the gym there’s a little garden where they have veggies growing and chickens as well. Some of the ingredients to our meals come from there, the rest come fresh from the markets. Since we arrived here in Chiang Mai, she recieved us at the apartments where we where going to stay, took us to the gym to show us the way, they lend you some bicycles temporarly to move around while you rent a scooter, they even rent scooters to the fighters at 100 thb a day which is a lot cheaper than other places.


We didn’t plan on KC as our first option, initially we where going to team quest, however they required full payment in advance and at the end before traveling there was a missunderstanding with the price and to me it seem to sketchy, don’t get me wrong, I bet they are great as well, I wanted to go with them for the mma classes and jiu-jitsu, but the teaveling drama was too much for me to worry with giving them the money up front as well…
So we went to KC and I couldn’t be happier.


We made great friends, met great people and where treated like family.

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