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The Thailand diet

Before I came to Thailand I never ate Thai food before, and now that I think about it, it probably wouldn’t taste the same as well. Food in Thailand is very fresh, everything is made with local fresh ingredients, not a single vegetable comes out of a freezer, meat is fresh as well, although most of it is chicken, fish  and pork.
Which gives the food an amazing taste, and of course helps you loose weight.
My friend Shalom who comes from Beijing China has lost 20 kg since he’s been here which is around two to three months. And it’s not only because Muay Thai training here is nothing like what you do back home provably,  it’s also because of the food. When traveling to a country like Thailand you always worry about the food being too hard on your stomach or unsanitary, but truth is, this is a lot cleaner, healthier that what your used to back home.
No preservatives, no frozen food, no canned goods, just local fresh vegetables and some unfortunate chickens.


Like most asian diets, rice is a big part of it all, that’s why in some countries they asked have you had rice today? Instead of, have you eaten today? Most of my diet here in Thailand consists in chicken with rice, vegetables and a fried egg on top, the egg although fried will give you extra protein which you’ll need here, training is hard so eating right is an important step in feeling well during your workout.
Most noodles here are also made of rice, unlike the processed stuff back home, you can indulge in them without worries, you’ll need the carbs and energy to get trough the training here.
It seems to me that even junk food is made healthier here, the other day I had some chip’s ahoy (chocolate chip cookies) and they didn’t taste like the ones back home, I gave the label a read and to my surprise they where made with whole wheat flour, which to me all tough I was bummed that they didn’t taste like the ones bacl home I was happy to think I could still eat those cookies worry free.


One of my favorite indulges here in Thailand are fruit shakes, they have these natural fruit smoothies everywhere and there awesome, no matter where you have them, there fresh fruit, ice and sometimes real cane syrup, sounds simple right? Well I hate that back home several places that have smoothies only do them out of some concentrated fruit pulp, to me that’s always an issue when I want a low sugar natural drink back home, I never undestand why is natural fruit smoothies so hard to come by.


Well not here, there everywhere and there super refreshing, you’ll just be as adicted to them as I am.


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