TUF Latin america!!!

I can’t explain how exited I am!!! I just can’t, it’s the most awesome thing ever!!! not only because I’m from mexico my self, but because there are fighters that I know, from my gym who are going to participate!!! These are awesome guys who totally deserve it!! and that I know that they are gonna put in a good show.

I was speechless watching the press conference weeks ago, eyes wide opened and unblinking staring at the TV screen, Dana wouldn’t tell the names of the fighters, but we know they’ve already picked ones from mexico and we know who they are!!! I’m not one to tell, but there was a small clip of some fighters in  a gym, My gym, our fighters!!! It’s things like these that make me so proud of how far our gym goes, we are all thought the same, pro’s and non pro’s. And most importantly, we are all family.

It’s a great honor to know that half the fighters will be Mexican, and the other half from the rest of Latin america, I somehow wondered because of BJJ there would be more Brazilians, but to know that half of the best in Latin america are Mexicans is a great honor, also some of them come from our little ol’ gym.

Another thing that excites me, is future women’s TUF in mexico!!! I know I’m not a pro and I’m probably a long way from being there but you never know…

Yours truly could be the next ultimate fighter…

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