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Doi Suthep

There’s many things that I believe brought me to Thailand. They say that people who want to see the world go travel to Europe and the people who want to find themselves travel to Asia. Muay Thai was that for me, I came to Thailand for a purpose, find myself as a fighter. And I did.


If you don’t make traveling a priority, you never will travel, that’s the truth, how did I get here? The first picture in the left is the stairs to Doi suthep, that was my background picture since I decided to come to Thailand, I said to my self once I’m there, and I will be there, I’ll take a picture in those stairs and I will walk up those stairs to the temple. And I did.


To me that was only the beggining, I changed my ringtone too, to the main theme song in the movie what happens in vegas, the one filmed in Bangkok (it may sound stupid, but every time my phone rang I heard that song, subconsciously it helps you keep focused), put a picture on your desk or on your room, little things like this keep you focused, I know it sounds like something out of a boring self help book (I hate those books) but its a variation of the hang in there kitty poster in your office.


It took me three weeks here in Chiang mai for me to visit those stairs, I didn’t wanted to rush it I knew I would eventually visit the temple, unlike the rest of the temples here in Chiang mai, Doi Suthep sits on top of a mountain, so the view is breath taking, why the stairs? I’m still an architect and it intrigued me how they did them, just look at them, you don’t have to be an expert to apreciate the detail.


It was a long scooter ride there, we went with some other fighrers from the gym to get something’s blessed by a monk since my friend Arthur was fighting the next day. We went early in the morning, stopped for some coffee then drove up the mountain for around 20 minutes untill we arrived.


We browsed the little shops at the foot of the temple, got some t-shirts, souvenirs and blessed bracelets, then walked up those stairs.


We went on a Tuesday so any day of the week there will be plenty of Thai’s, as well as farangs (foreigners in thai) visiting the temple and paying their respects as well. Its a main turist attraction, but for me being there was life changing.


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