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Good day’s and bad day’s

We all have good day’s and bad day’s,  whether in work, school, or what ever our daily routine consists of. We fighters go trough theese sudden changes as well, what’s important is how you deal with them.
This week I started working on my flying knees and I was very pumped up, I had a great workout, but I think I over did it. The very next day I was so exhausted that I overslept, but realy overslept. I woke up at around 2 in the afternoon. Had some yougurt, laid in bed for a while then went to training at 4 thinking I would just eat there with the guys after training. Big mistake… I felt awefull all training long, like I was about to pass out at any moment. Eating and staying hidrated is such an important part of your trainning routine and I just wanted to sleep…
It was the longest class ever, but I learned my lesson, no matter how much I want to spend the day in bed I can’t skip meals, I’ll just have breakfast in bed or something, because its very easy here to just fill up on fluids since it’s so hot and not get hungry at all, big no no.
Even if your not feeling hungry get some food in you, cause if you don’t, believe me you’ll regret it in the gym.


I managed to stay focused and power trough my trainning, that I’m really proud about. That’s one thing I was sure about when I was coming here, Thailand was gonna test my limits.


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