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A little Mexican comfort

The weather in Thailand this time of the year is pretty unpredictable, I check in with google weather to see how my day will look, but it regularly goes like this:
Morning- incredibly hot
Noon- hotter
Afternoon- rain
Night- not that hot, but pretty hot with a chance of rain.


After a couple of weeks we went looking for some western cheat meals now and then, but all though this is not a food blog, I realy wanted to tell you guys about is a little place called Miguel’s mexican cuisine.
In a desperate attempt to eat some home-like cooking I stumbled against this place on the internet, after seeing a couple of reviews between this and another two places we decided for Miguel’s and loved it.


You get the traditional mariachi music in the background, but not much heavy decoration, its safe to say that even if the food is more tex-mex style than actual traditional mexican, the food is mexican approved.


We had the tortilla soup, a quesadilla with carne, burrito (a decent size burrito) and some nachos con carne asada.
The food was amazing and they are open during the day as well, which is important to note since most food stalls and thai restaurant’s open late in the afternon, which makes it difficult sometimes to catch breakfast in other than western places.


Another thing that blew my mind is that their margaritas are made with real fruit, not the concentrated that we are used to, so expect the best margaritas ever!!!


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