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Arthur’s fight.

Arthur, 27 years old as us came to Thailand to train muay thai, he had practiced it for a year back home in Queens, NY. But still he always said that trainning here is nothing like trainning back home.
We all train harder here, not because we slack off back home or anything like that, trainning is just more intense here.
The classes are longer, the rest we get in between rounds is shorter, the exercises come in series of 200 repetitions, not to mention the disadvantages you have here due to the natural conditions; the altitude, the heat, jet lag.



All these conditions join against you, but still you are determined to go to training.
Arthur trainned with us for 6 weeks and wanted to finish that cycle with a real fight.
All fights here in Thailand are pro-fights, its not like back home that we have amateur fights with other begginers as yourself and work up to a pro-fight.
Here it’s only you, gloves and mouth guard.
Doing something like that while you are here in Thailand is something deeper than just a pro-fight, is something spiritual. A couple of days before the fight we went to Doi Souteph to have some things blessed for him as well and to bring him good luck.
This trip for him was a journey to accomplish something bigger than just a vacation. He came here following a dream. Lucky for us we where here to share that with him.


The day of the fight we went to Thapae Stadium, we all met at KC before the fight, and drove there together all in our scooters, he was the last fight that day so we hung out and cracked joke’s before he had to get ready, when it was time Chon helped him with his hand whraps and getting ready.
He knoked his oponent out in the first round it was awesome. He was so happy he had all of us there supporting him. He’s a great guy, that’s why everyone in the gym went to see him that night and celebrated his victory with him.


All of us here at CK Muay Thai are trainning for something, we are trying to acomplish something, or prove something to ourselves or others. And it doesn’t realy matter to us why each other is doing this, we are all here living the dream. Together. To us here at KC we are all brothers and sisters once you step in that mat.



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