Liebster Award.


Hey guys!!! I’m happy to say that a couple of day’s ago one of my followers Venni Xie (謝) from nominated me for a Liebster award.

Thanks Venni!!! I’m honored to be nominated, I would like to thank you for reading my blog as well, I started this blog around a little more than a year now hoping it would help motivate girls out there to join mma and to reach out to the ones that already do practice mma.

It’s exiting to see how my blog has grown so much over this time and see how many people read it, enjoy it and even relate to it. I only hope that like the sport itself my blog can keep opening doors for girls all over the world and keep growing.


    Her questions for the nominees:

1. What is your ideal day off?

A day that I can spend at home watching movies and eating pizza.

2. If you have power to go back to the past what do you want to change?

probably saved more money, at the beginning at my 20’s I was more of a shopaholic.

3. What is your future goal?

I have many goal’s, travel, focus more on my blogging and see where it could take me.

4. You just have 5 minutes to do your makeup, what make-up products do you use?

I don’t really do much for my make up, I do foundation, powder, lash mascara (very important), a little blush and lip stain on the regular basis. I only spice it up when I go out or something.

5. What kind of makeup product do you use for summer- proof?

Hmmm… one of my main problems here in Thailand (LOL), I just wear a ton of sun block and the same as my regular routine.

6. What is one city/country you have yet to visit and would like to, why?

Japan, I’ve always been obsessed with it, the culture, the food, I took Japanese con highschool, all tough I can only say a couple or words I can’t really write it.

7. What is your favorite cereal?

All the ones that have a ton of sugar (LOL) fruit loops, corn pops, apple jacks.

8. What’s the best adventure you’ve ever had?

When I began to train jiu-jitsu.

9. Who is the most inspiring person in your life?

Luckily I’m surrounded by inspiring people, my mom who told me once I could be who ever I wanted to be when I was young, since then I never quit anything ever, I just keep going untill I achieve what I want. My husband, the adventurer, he’s the one that helps me do fun and unexpected things, without him I would be so boring (LOL).

10. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Talking about whatever is happening in my life, being able to have a voice and be heard.

11. What ability or skill do you want the most wish you had ( that you don’t have)?

I’m actually a very crafty person, I love DIY activities and I’m great doing stuff my self, how ever I would have loved to be a good painter, I love photography as well but I can’t paint. I admire people who have that skill, I love color it self.


    List 11 fun/random facts about yourself…

Hmmm… Let’s see, what could I tell you about myself…

I’m a medical assistant and also an Architect (but I don’t do much architecture right now).

MMA is the first actual sport that I’ve done in my life.

I was always more of a cultural person, took photography classes, painting classes (I sucked), dance classes, until I decided I wanted to do MMA.

I’m a very clumsy person.

I’m not much of a girly girl but I love pink stuff.

I always do simple make up, but my nails always have to be done, all tough short for the sport.

I rarely do my hair, and by rarely I mean on holidays only  (LOL).

I would love to speak more languages.

This is harder than I tought…

I have a lot of clothe, however I’m really bad doing outfit combinations, I’ll look at a girl and love her outfit and probably have the same shirt at home but don’t know how to pair it to make it the perfect outfit.

I hate jumping rope, I’m so lazy with my cardio, although I do need to improve it.

I really do dream about being a blue belt soon.

I love Korean food, Chinese food, Japanese food and several other asian food.

I’m actually better cooking Asian food than Mexican food.


    My Nominations are…

The ranting panda


A skirt on the mat

savage kitsune’s trainning blog

Fail jitsu

Ginger snaps

A girls transformation


Talk foreign to me

Anxious gipsy tales


And my questions for the nominees are!!!

1. What sport/activity changed your life? and why.

2. what is your favorite cheat meal or junk food?

3. Ideal Sunday

4. what’s in your make up bag?

5. Favorite sports equipment.

6. Top 5 places in the world you would like to visit, and why?

7. Favorite TV show, movie or series.

8. Favorite country you’ve been in and why?

9. If you had a super power which would it be.

10. Biggest accomplishment so far.

11. Most beautiful country you’ve ever been to, and while there what was your favorite dish, desert, and sweets?


     So nominees, congrats! Now, it’s your turn. Make a blog post that…

  • Recognize the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator asked
  • List 11 fun/random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think deserve to be recognized
  • Inform the bloggers you’ve nominated them
  • Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

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