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That girl.

It took me one month to find what I was looking for in Thailand, I came here with one goal, find a girl, I didn’t know what I would find realy, but I was glad at what I saw yesterday.
Yesterday for the first time I did the whole 5 round sparring with one of my Thai coaches, mes is his name, to him I’m pretty sure it was amusing, to me it was a whole diferent story.
I was happy to have connected some kicks and several punches against a Thai, back home I wasn’t still used to my mouth guard, some say at the beggining it slows you down and it does, yesterday I didn’t even noticed it.
The first three rounds where pure determination, I felt good, light, I felt every hit, the kicks, the knees, the punches, but they weren’t slowing me down, the forth round I was exausted, but the fifth round… that’s when I saw her.
By the fifth round I was tired, slow, all his kicks hit me, but I couldn’t stop, surprisingly my hands never stoped covering me and I was proud of that.
That’s when I saw her every punch that hit me made me want to move forward, I was looking at him waiting for my openings, I couldn’t stop, not now, my body was slow now, I took more hits, but there was no going back, I’m not sure I could have stopped even if my body gave out.


Then I saw my self, a part of me became this warrior, a beast, I liked every punch, it fed me, I was feeding on his punches, his knees, my body felt no pain.
I loved it, not in a it was awesome way but in a I wanna do this for as long as I can way, that’s when I realized, my bones won’t break easier because I’m a girl, I’m not made of glass or anything.
A humans pure instincts is to avoud pain, run from the punches, only beasts like us push forward trough them.
Here in Thailand I’ve learned two very important things among others, to listen to my body better and to not listen to the pain.
While I was fighting I felt no pain, at all, it amazed me and it was all because of her, that beast that kept pushing forward not letting anything hold her back, taking every punch, feeling tired, but still made every second count.


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