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A little girl time

This week has been a little more refreshing, two new girls joined the KC Team, Yen from China and Lena from Noriega.
Lena has been trainning back home for over a year now and plan’s on having a real fight before leaving so she’s been trainning twice a day since she got here, Yen on the other hand like myself train’s in the afternoon’s,  she’s been here at KC before and is very well experienced.
It’s been fun having interactions with girls for a change, I’m always the only girl in the group so going to the mall with Lena and stuff has been nice.
She’s a hidden girly treasure we could say like myself, she’s also used to being the only girl at her gyn back home so we both enjoyed doing girly stuff, hitting the mall, buying stuff.


I think one of the hardest things about these kind of trips is getting to know such awesome people and watching them go back home, or leaving yourself knowing that you made such good friends here and not knowing if you’ll see them again.


For now I’ll gladly enjoy the company of my fellow trainning buddies and show them around town.

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