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Same same, but different.

Same same but different is a local saying here in Chiang mai, it basically means similar,  almost the same… but different. As are my goals this week.
This week I’ve been busting balls with a new objective, you see every saturday we go running up a hill, either Doi suthep or other temple up a hill, now that my cardio is getting a little better I think I have to keep pushing my limits while I’m here, so this week I’ll be running every morning at 7 am to get in shape, hopefully before I leave I’ll be able to run up on one of Chiang Mai’s tallest mountains.


I know I might be pushing my luck as well but now that I feel a little more confident its time to push a little harder.


Even if I where to not make it all the way up the mountain I still enjoy the scenery in my mornings run, why wouldn’t I make an effort to jog in this beautiful city? You always see something new around here.




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