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Exploring the mountains in Chiang mai.

Chiang mai is one of those places that has a natural charm, there’s so many places to visit and things to do that are free and for those of us staying here for more than a month free is good, there’s lake’s, waterfalls, a quarry which I’ll talk about in another occasion, and a lot of nature to explore.


One day James suggested we should go explore the mountain’s,  so the very next day a group of us just ventured into the mountains in our scooters, we took a road that just led into the mountains off canal rd. And drove, the drive up was quite nice we didn’t know where we where going o where we would end up, but it didn’t matter, we had water in our backpacks and snacks,  and if we got hungry we could just stop at a food stand along the way.


Once we passed enough food stands and resort’s the road got a lot more deserted, that’s where we found our exit, to no where.
It just led us into the woods and a dirt road, no people, no animals, just tree’s,  bugs and us.
Scooters are not realy ment for trips like theese but we didn’t really care we pushed them as much as we could until the path ended.
Its an intimidating feeling you know, to be in the middle of nowhere just you and your buddies, no tour guide, no one prepared in case there’s a bobcat or anything.


But it’s a great activity to do as a group, it brings you together. At the end of the path we saw another scooter, minutes later a man walks out of the woods apparently there was a waterfall near by, so we walked into the foods for around 15 minutes untill we found it, we just hung out there and took pictures and relaxed untill it was time to head back home.



My best advice for you fighters trainning abroad is to make friends, those people you will be trainning with are awesome guys and you’ll miss on incedible adventures with them if you don’t make an effort to get to know them. It doesn’t matter is your used to being alone, if your not that social, these are just regular guys as well, with regular jobs back home.
But here they’re the best friends you’ll know.

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