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The Rock Quarry.

This is one of those posts when you almost feel guilty of writing it, its such a well kept secret jewel I’m Chiang mai, but I just have to tell you about it.
The quarry is just such a great place to spend the day with friends, you can pack some lunch in case you get hungry and hit south on Canal rd.


Its a deep water filled canyon where there’s cliff diving and swimming, it’s not very known amongst tourists nor a lot of Thai people, its a hidden secret place where young people hang out and locals swim.
The water has a beautiful green aqua color because of the orange looking clay in the area and the rocks.


There’s several points where you can cliff dive for fun but I personally just enjoyed the swimming.
This is one of those activities that are a lot more fun as a group, so round up your trainning buddies after class and plan on going there together,  we did.
It helps you to get to know each other and spend a nice day together.




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