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Tips for your first Muay Thai Class in Thailand.

Hey guys!!! Looking back I now realized some difficulties I had on my first Muay thai class here in Thailand, well that and seeing the new guys as well, so here’s some tips for you to brace yourselves and not be caught off guard the first day’s.
1) language barrier.
It doesn’t matter how good you are most likely is that in your fist pad trainning you will get confused at time, you see:
Push kick- teep
Punch- pan
Hoop- hook
2) I’ve talk to some of the fighters that have trained in other areas in Thailand like Phuket or the islands and they have told me that by far in Chiang mai they train a lot harder, why? Because it’s not a tourist filled area like Phuket or the islands, trainning here is not ment for farangs (tourists).
3) the rounds are 5 minutes long and the rest is for only 1 minute. FYI after you finish every round you must do 10 pushups and 10 situps.
4) stay hidrated, even in rainy season the average is 35º c, so you need to drink a lot of water, Gatorade is quite expensive here so check out the local Thai brands for electrolyte drinks, they are a lot cheaper, just 10 or 15 baht.
5) at the beginning because of the heat and filling up on fluids you wont feel hungry at all, EAT. Even if your not feeling it, you need to, you’ll feel horrible at trainning if you don’t, and you might pass out, literally.
6) you might not be able to make the whole trainning on your first try, it’s ok, push yourself, you’ll feel light headded, but remember if you don’t faint, puke or die, keep going.
7) respect the trainning, you’re here with a mission, so whether it’s to fight, loose weight, or just learn Muay thai do the trainning properly, don’t skip the pushups or the situps, do the trainning as instructed it’s part of the experience.
8) do your homework, I would advise you to catch up on your cardio beforehand, trainning is two hour’s long and it starts with a 4 km. Run, or you could skip rope for 30 minutes straight.
9) the equipment here is good, they have hand wraps and gloves for all however I suggest you bring your own equipment, most fighters buy they’re equipment here since it’s cheap and there’s so much variety, so bring your new gloves to get used to them.
10) on a contrary to what I’ve read on some blogs, they say to pay the classes one at a time or on the weekly bases, I disagree, you see your trainning is probably the only expensive thing you’ll pay here, and if your plannig on fighting, you will need to train twice a day at times, you will be sore you might get hurt but nothing serious, you will be able to do this every day if you put your mind into it, we could do morning trainning from 7 am to 9 am. go explore the city after 10 or 11 and make it back for afternoon trainning at 4 pm. It’s doable, yes you will want to rest some other day but you get a better deal paying the month in advance and not just class by class.
11) at KC the owner’s wife cooks for the fighters after trainning, her food is great, it’s not too spicy and not to exotic, regularly it’s rice, chicken, vegetables and a fried egg in a bowl. Since you never know what to expect from street food, I would advice eating at the gym with the other fighters after class, it’s all natural stomach friendly meals and the conversation among fighters is great, you’ll end up making great friends.

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