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Thailand, 400 tbh a day.

Hello my fellow fighters!!!
I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid for the last couple of days, but I’m happy to announce I’m back home. Home sweet Mexico.  It will be at least a week for me to get settled, go back to work and before I return to trainning, so for now I still have so much to tell you guys about my Thailand experience, like how to live 400 Thai bath a day.
400 tbh is only 12 usd, most of us fighters let’s face it we are not rich so we have to be frugal when traveling and when your planning on living in Thailand for two months or more you need to know how to do stuff a liitle cheaper.
I’m happy to say that while I was in Thailand I lived like a local in all sences, I ate where the locals ate, visited places only locals visit so that made my trip also a lot cheaper than any tourists vacations.
-The trick is saving  on the little things that later add up, like in my building there where water bottle refill machines as well as all around town, so fill up your bottles, you’ll be drinking atleast 3 litters of water a day so believe me its better to fill up two bottles of water for 1tbh  than to purchase one 1.5 lt bottle for 15 tbh each.
-As far as food Thai food at a food court or on a street stall is pretty cheap, a whole meal goes for 50 bath. Western food on the other hand is a little more pricey 100 to 200 a dish or plus, so I advice keep your Thai diet on and only splurge on the weekends. It’s hard to live on all thai all the time, so you can always run to the nearest 7/11 and get a sandwich for breakfast.
-Stock up your fridge with fruit and yogurt, head to big C a (local grocery store) and buy a pack of 5 yogurts and save a little more.
-There’s so much to do in Thailand, specially outdoor activities, so ask around in your gym, your trainers have the most knowledge and insights to all those awesome activities, ask where to go, what market’s to visit, temples, animal camps, hiking, biking, you name it. They know where its cheaper and they can get you good deals.
-Souvenirs are cheaper at the night markets, they also  have a lot more variety than the mall’s,  my favorite is the Sunday night market its the biggest one, the food is great and the souvenirs are awesome there, you’ll find all your looking for in one place.
-Rent a bicycle or motorbike this will save you tons of money on cabs or tuktuk’s, you can rent a motorbike from 100 to 300 tbh a day, look around. Fyi fill up your scooters tank with only 120 tbh!!!
-Scout around for buffets, there’s tons of them around town and get your protein on since there’s not much meat around the food stalls its mostly rice/noodles and veggies, big buffets go from 150 tbh per person.

So let’s say it’s a regular Tuesday.
7/11 morning breakfast
Croissant Sandwich.         30 tbh
Chocolate milk.                  10 tbh
Fresh fruit of choice.         25 tbh
Water bottle for the day.   15 tbh

Temple visiting during the day free.
Scooter gas money (full tank will last around 3 days if your going into the city every day, if its short distances up to 5 days).                                            120 tbh          

Afternooon post workout lunch
At a food court or
food stall.                           50 to 60 tbh
Sugarless natural fruit
smoothie.                           25 tbh

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