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Elephant nature park and tiger kingdom.

It’s been two weeks of being back home now, first week was rest and revive week and this week I went back to working tomorrow I start trainning again so I’m realy happy tp test drive my new skill set, in the mean while I’ve been skipping rope and jogging to keep my cardio going, for now its time for me to tell you about my last week in Thailand.
During our last week we had a lot of surprises,  we went to a couple of places I didn’t thought we would get to go, since we where on a budget most elephant camps are a little expensive they range between 3000 to 5000 thai baht per person however our friend Meethe a trainer from KC got us a sweet deal at one of the camps.


It was one of the most amazing experiences ever, I realy experienced Chiang Mai as a local and I take pride in that but visiting an elephant camp is a must as well as tiger kingdom. That day we drove in our scooters for an hour or so, I highly recommend doing this, take your map and follow the road there’s only one so its not that  to get lost the road is nice and the landscape is like nothing you’ve ever seen.
One of the best meals I had in Thailand was on the side of the road going towards the camp that day, the littlest joint in the side of the road where a woman sold grilled chickens with sticky rice and a sweet and sour sauce, hands down the best meal I had there.



I love eating in the streets, we had our fair share of meals in restaurants as well but the only way to know a country’s real taste is in it’s streets. After an hour or so of driving we arrived at the elephant camp, we shared am elephant for a small stroll around the camp and feed them bananas, afterwards we where driving back home and decided to visit tiger kingdom. Aw man, most intense experience ever!!!



Being there inside the tiger reserve and the only thing protecting you is a Thai man with a bamboo stick is pretty intense.


I had never been that close to a tiger before so it was very exciting, touching them and taking pics with them is a memorable experience, some say online that they where sedated, let me tell you there not and when they get all fuzzy and cranky (which they do because they sleep during day) you wish they where sedated!!! Cause there’s nowhere to run from a million pounds tiger.
Saying good bye is the hardest part, Thailand was our home for two months and the people in our gym where our family, we ate together, trained together and lived together.
Thailand thought us a lot of things, about ours selves, each other and life.
And it will always be in my heart.


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