Back at Entram

Home sweet home…
That was the fist thing on my mind as soon as I stepped foot back at entram gym, it was great to see all the familiar faces and some new ones as well.
I missed jiujitsu so much!!! Don’t get me wrong muay thai is awesome, but I just couldn’t wait to roll on the mat.


So this week I did no gi as well just to mix it up, there was a lot of changes apparently in two months, before I left there was this line that seperated jiujitsu do-ers and kickboxers, now all the hard core jits are doing kickboxing as well and no gi, everyone’s all over the place, and I think I know why.
A lot of guy’s from my gym made it into the ultimate fighter Latin America. So there’s a whole new hybrid fighters thing going on… and I like it!!!
It’s a huge honor to see our gym get so much recognition, and see how our fighters get such big chances like signing to the ufc and doing shows like the ultimate fighter, this isn’t given! If people could only see how much hard work and hours go into what we do.
This is giving me huge motivation to spread myself to other disciplines, and become a hybrid as well.
This month I plan on doing jiujitsu gi one day and muay thai and no gi on other’s, so hopefully I’ll become an overall better fighter, I wanna do more tournaments in the future so prepping is a must. Plus we all just have to keep up.

There’s a lot of fighter pride to maintain at Entram.

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