The evolution is ON!!!

I’m so exited for what’s going on lately in my gym!!!
Its evolution baby!!! I have hard core gi jits doing muay thai, and doing full on mma now, and let me tell you something, its making my gym a lot more interesting. I’ve been doing a lot more no gi and I love it, I never really gave it a try and I feel so stupI’d because of that.  My husband told me a million times to do no gi, I never listened, now I regret it (but don’t tell him that,  he gets this odd glow when he’s right).
One of my best mat buddies Quiros (full time jiujitsu gi) had a fight at Tj’s glory fight 4 last weekend and won. So he’s fighting again this week, hopefully he’ll have a winning streak.


A lot of kickboxers as well are turning to gi religion and its improving their game as well.
On another note there’s a couple more girls on the mat, by couple more I literally mean like two more (lol) but in mma that’s a great thing. I was joking around the other day with another gym buddy Jair that girls are an issue there, its so hard to get new girls interested in our sport, I guess it’s not for everyone but you know that by now…
Most of the girls at the gym are taken or will be taken during her first couple of clases, not that they’re all over them but its so hard to find a nice jiujitsu girl to bring home to the parent’s.
I guess it’s up to us girls to do some community service now and then and try to get our friends to try mma at least once, I guess that’s why they give us a free class at Entram to try it out.

Any takers?

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