Meet Akbarh

Lines have been getting longer and longer at stationated rolling drills at Entram, seems like everyone wants to train with the best, not to brag but with all the good publicity we’ve been getting from TUF latinoamerica and our fighters singing with the UFC, our little o’l gym family is getting bigger and bigger.
But this isn’t about us, this is about one of us, our brother Akbarh.
I personally never sparred with him at all, I get a glimps of him now and then when he’s in town in our gym, his home gym as well. You hear the whispers when he’s in town and I’ve heard the stories that it’s sparring Friday, he’s in town and theres a general fear of sparring with him. He’s what I would call an undeniable.
You can’t hide that much talent, the other fighters tell stories that he moves different, fights different… like a natural creature that was born in fighting, there was a point in his trainning maturity that no one at the gym was a match for him, he wrestled with Raul our sensei, there was no one else that could beat him. So he out grew his brothers at our gym and started fighting abroad.
Now we are ecstatic to see his success and are with him in heart and soul in that octagon. To see that dream in one of us, making us feel so close and so real as well, like something anyother one of us could simply achieve by trainning harder. And to me personally to see him do this at his 30’s I might say gives me great hope of going places as well, UFC is not only a joung man’s game.
Until not so long ago he confronted average joe problems like training in between a job schedule and having to leave his family behind when traveling, which makes him the perfect guy to look up to, just one of us with regular guy problems trying to chase the dream, a dream that came to him after 12 years of hard work and struggles.
Living proof that all you need is your family’s support.

Don’t miss his fight this Saturday on UFC fight night .

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