Home improvement.

They say when god closses a door he opens a window… in my case this window is to a fully equiped home gym. (Score!!!) You see as I am living temporarily with the in-laws,  my father in-law used to be a personal fitness trainer for several year’s.
So I’m making the most of it bumping up my training with weight lifting and hopefully more running as well. I can’t do it all but he can surely tell me how to do it right.
One of the things I’m most looking forward is putting my nutrition in his hands, that’s another of the luxurys that come with his kind of program. (Hopefully he’ll pack me my luch as well, Lol).
He’s pretty strict though so there’s no doubt he’ll be helping me reach my goals soon, and making me a better athlete.
I just hope he doesn’t ever find my cookie stash.
Most people would thing eating right is a no brainer, but when your trying to complement your specific trainning with what your body is fueling up with it can be very tricky.
I guess it’s all trial and error… and it isn’t easy experimenting with your body, the other day I guess I didn’t eat enough for the trainning I was doing and I felt light headed and sluggish.
But with a little encourangement from my sensei I was able to power trough my trainning.
That’s one of the many advantages of our little Entram family, you can always count on someone to give you a little push along the way.


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