Raul knows best

We all loose focus at one point during our trainning, mma is so big and there’s so much to do and learn…
This past friday the gym was pretty lonly (which I love) so I had the chance to roll with my coach for the first time, he gave me pointers and told me what I could work on, I was trying to do more muay thai lately and at some point he told me to focus on my jiu jitsu, but like any joung child I didn’t understand at first.


You see it takes longer for you to learn jiu jitsu than muay thai, and as a white belt I’m at a point on my training that all I need to do is roll…
We had the time to talk and help me understand where my training is going, I as well have my jiujitsu priorities which I had forgotten, what priorities? I wanted to be the first woman blue belt from the afternoon class… its a long shot cause there’s some steep competition, but there’s not a lot of us girls, so hopefully if I train hard enough I’ll get there, bottom line is jiujitsu is my one true love, if I had to choose I’d go jits every time, and I had forgotten that.


Coach always knows best, sometimes we don’t see that, but he’s been there a thousand times with other fighters, I have to learn to trust in that wisdom.
I’ll be working on my chokes mostly, my guard passes are getting better and I get my opponents back and mount easily, but once I’m there I fail to choose the correct submission.
That down time with coach taught me to be patient,  I am merely a white belt, with a thousand rolls ahead of me, I love what I do so there’s no hurry I enjoy every step in my mma life.

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