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What to do in case of injury

Ok guys!! lets focus, this is an important subject, the better we take care of our bodies the longer we’ll be able to roll. We know the basics, we just often forget or don’t pay much attention to it untill happens. I’ve seen many great guys get hurt in the gym and its normal it’s a close contact sport, we know what we’re up to. But instead of having to stop training due to injury this could be prevented by taking certain precautions.

At your gym they most likely have a first aid kit, they all do, your training partners might also help you as well, but not everyone knows what to do in case of emergency or serious injury, when ever there’s an injury the first thing the trainer will ask is if something popped? do you see bone exposure? what do you feel?

Your trainer has the knowledge to help you with minor situations, still its good to visit your doctor if any lesion occurs. If anything does happen here’s what to do in case of emergency.

1) Dont panic!! stay calm and your trainer will assist you.

2) Have a friend call someone for you or have them take you to a doctor depending of the situation.

3) Dont put pressure on your injury unless there’s open flesh, if it’s a sprain or muscle pull (in your leg or foot for example) don’t put your weight on it.

4) If there’s open flesh or blood put pressure on the wound.

5) If there’s a bump or swelling ice it on the way to your doctor.

6) Most of the time its only small bumps and bruises, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be taken care of, get some arnica gel to use on regular basis and just massage into sore or tender areas, this will help you avoid being slow the next day during training and your muscles will thank you. You could also do medicated ointments but I wouldn’t do it on the regular basis, Arnica gel is a more natural option.

firstaidkit4cTheres simple ways to avoid injuries, all tough now and then they are inevitable, here’s a couple of tips.

Stretch people stretch!!! I myself am often late to class and bearly stretch, later during my training I’m cramping badly all the time. Back when training in Thailand stretching was the most important thing in our training!!! why? because over there guys fight up to four times a month. They literally do that for a living as a regular job would, so taking care of their body during and off training is essential for them to fight almost every week. I’m 27 so if I wanna do this for several more years I have to take better care of myself, I suggest you do the same to extend your trainning time.

Technique is for learning. a couple of weeks ago I found myself doing technique with a new white belt doing takedowns, omg, somehow he wasnt understanding the takedown and being new and energetic took the drill to a more intense level, the next day my ass hurt badly from the repeatedly hard falls.

Aid kit. Sports tape, antiseptic gel, band aid’s, wound tape, neosporin, are simple things you can have in your gym bag in case of injury. I always carry as well anti inflammatory ointments for when I pull a muscle or something while training.

knee or ankle guards. I’m not the one to use pads all over my body to avoid bumps or bruises but I have weak ankles so ankle guards are a must, I didn’t pay attention for a long while and kept injuring myself, untill I decided that this wasnt gonna hold me back anymore.

It’s ok to tap. Theres no excuse in getting hurt during training, no matter how hard you roll and even though accidents happen, it’s not ok to hurt yourself when you could have taped.

Take care of your partner. unless its roll or die, no matter how hard your rolling keep in the back of your mind your opponents well-being, if he/she taps let go, sometimes we are not aware of anything else but our own bodies and what we are doing. while wrestling we might accidentally bump or hurt our opponent, but never intentionally.

Roll hard, but roll safe!!

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